Monday, November 18, 2013

New Menu!!!--Literally Making New Menus!

We are reprinting our menu in English, Thai, and Chinese. With this relaunch of our menu, of course there are a few Thai classics.... There is no fruit that is more culturally embedded in the Thai flavor palate than the mango. From smoothies to mango and sticky rice, it is a treat that we enjoy year-round.

My favorite is Thai green curry.  Thai green curry is smoother that yellow curry and does not contain turmeric so it is not as strong as curries from other countries.

Being Thai in Thailand, I have to also support our local beers! Chang, Singha, and LEO all go great with Thai food! :) ...or on their own watching a football match. haha

Full menu coming soon.... Thai tapas soon, brother?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sticky Rice Cafe Finished Renovations!

สวัสดี (Hello!) 

We are excited to be back open again! My family and I have worked hard to make our family restaurant a welcoming home for you when you are away from your home.

I love this time of year in Chiang Mai. The weather is still warm but the humidity is starting to decline and soon the weather will cool, making day and night so pleasant.

It is a perfect time to enjoy cool drinks outside with friends and loved ones. And for kids to enjoy time outside... Ahh to be a kid again! :)

I split my time between the city of Chiang Mai and the hills north of Chiang Mai. It is always inspiring to work in the villages to build up their rural economies so when kids grow up they can keep our traditions alive and keep our rural communities from disappearing.

Now that we have finished renovations, I am back at 'it' working in the
city and outside. We are excited to offer our traditional mango and sticky rice dishes. Pair that with some of our signature cocktails....a delight for the night! ;)

We also excited to introduce some new menu items, possibly even 'Thai-tapas'...that's the rumor... Sorry brother, if I spoiled your surprise. Well, we still have yet to taste them...hmm. Join us for a meal, a snack, or a drink. We'll tell you about the **real** Thailand. haha. Or, you can tell us about your home. Either way, friends, fun, and great Sticky treats make for a memorable moment of many in the Land of Smiles. :)

See you soon!